Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So, how to start... it's kind of like when you go to a new eatery for the first time. You're not quite sure where you should go, and you sort of mill around the entrance checking out the lay of the land. What sort of people eat here, what sort of food do they serve, how attentive are the staff, where the hell is the toilet... Sort of like a restaurant voyeur. A new blog is sort of the same: wondering what sort of people might frequent here, what I should write - being that I'll write most of these posts from home, I thankfully do know where the facilities are.

To give you a better understanding of what this blog is all about, I should probably fill you in on what has bought me here. I had long thought that I didn't have that much to contribute to the online community: I am neither a new dark age model or lolcat, Twitter seems pointless and the new Facebook scares the pants off of me. However, The Wife was insistant that I blog to the world. So what does one talk to the world about!? Then it became obvious... I like food. I like eating. In fact I've been involved with both for close on 34 years, so I feel I'm fairly knowledgable on such things. And so, OM-NOM-NOM was born. A blog where I will discuss food. I'm not talking about indepth, soul-searching, philosphical dissection on what food means to me. Nor self-important reviews on the latest and greatest restaurants. Just about food and how it fits in with my every day life... with possibly a few witty photographs of my cat (because let's face it, the internet is run on lolcats).

To get things started, I'm going to let you in on a freak-ish ability I have... my internal, food-seeking GPS. Like some crazy culinary sixth sense, I will finds you good foods. Monday (which was a public holiday), my spidey-senses told me that we must head south. So off we headed - The Wife and I - to the fast evolving new food-mecca of the south, Port Noarlunga. There, I honed in on The Fleurieu Pantry. A hidey-hole of a place at the end of a passageway, thick with beaded curtains. We sat amongst the antiques (of which many are for sale), wedged between a stone well and a bamboo screen in what feels like a cross between a flea-market and a summer-house. Sounds bizarre, but it works. And so does the food... sourdough rolls delicately spread with garlic butter, spinach and cherry tomato lasagne with a piquant spinach and rocket salad and dukkah chicken with all the trimmings. And although the meals did take a little while to come out, you have to take into account that the kitchen was pretty much a one-woman operation. Nom-factor of close to 5... but I'll let the photos speak for themselves:

Mini sourdough loaves - anything mini is immediately more appetising.

Spinach and cherry tomato lasagne

There just isn't enough purple food in the world as far as I'm concerned!

There isn't a lot of wine by the glass available - we went for the Leconfield Syn Cuvee Blanc - however what is available is good quality. The staff were incredibly friendly, despite being under the pump on a holiday-Monday which all together means that we will be returning soon to sample more of this amazing fare!

That evening, not to be outdone, I did actually cook up two monster steaks with mushroom sauce and lightly steamed asparagus....

And just to prove that I really did cook this meal... as well as prove that I really am a lush...

All class. And I wouldn't have it any other way!

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