Sunday, January 8, 2012

The winner takes all (the honey!!).

Yes, you are looking at a winner. A sweet, sticky, gooey winner... Intrigued?

Thanks to the wonderful woman who is theHoney Lady, I was the lucky winner of an amazing honey pack!! You see before you 3 jars of pure, raw honey... one Orange Blossom, one Chai flavoured and a medicinal Tumeric blend. I first stumbled across Honey Lady close on 2 years ago at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. And with her infectious passion for her bees and her product, Ms HL won me over. In that time I have sampled a wide range of the honey's available (yes, there is a difference between honeys!). The flavoured ones are especially a treat; Cinnamon was my favourite, but today it was abruptly usurped by the Chai. Eating Honey Lady honeys is just like eating liquid candy... with a spoon. Really, what more could you ask for? And the best part is, RAW HONEY IS GOOD FOR YOU!! It's not been heat treated, so it retains all the goodies that the bees work so labouriously to put in. In fact I don't think we appreciate just how hard these little gals and guys work!! The next time you see a wee honey bee buzzing around your garden, take a minute to appreciate it's labour intensive life. And also give thanks that people like the Honey Lady exist to extol the benefits of raw honey!

Our little sojourn to the markets today also yielded (among other nommy goodies) the most amazing zucchini fritters I have had the pleasure of consuming.

Served here with a salad of cucumber & Thomy mayonaise (I TOLD you! This condiment is KING in our house!) and a few grape tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and fresh basil. I bought these from Bubble'N'Sqeak. Cute name, and cute little fritters! I admit, when I saw them, they made me do that 'squee' noise that is normally reserved for cute furry LOLcats and roly poly puppies. At $8.80 for 6, it seemed like a damn good deal for a lazy Sunday lunch. And they certainly didn't fail to disappoint!

The Boo insisted she have her handy work in food styling broadcast on the interwebz as well. The arrangement of basil leaves on her fritter is her interpretation of a flower.

Bubble'N'Squeak also specialise gift boxes of local goodies, tapas treasures and great ideas on food presentation. (Personally I love the idea of using an old metal trophy plate.)

After a day of fantastic food headiness, I'm quite exhausted... maybe just a few Taronga Orchard coffee flavoured almonds....

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